День Победы

Victory Day

Charity event for 230 veterans, invalids and pensioners

            May 8, 2013

A bit of history...
Today, Ukraine celebrates the 68th anniversary of the victory over fascism. The Victory came at the expense of enormous losses.

  Ukraine has lost a fifth of the population: about 3 million people were killed at the front and 5.5 million were killed in occupied territories. More than 10 million people in Ukraine did not have shelter, lived in dugouts or unsuitable premises. 16,150 industrial enterprises, 27,910 collective farms, 872 farms, 1,300 machine and tractor stations were completely destroyed. During the period of occupation, Nazis exported 9.2 million tons of grain, 622,000 tons of oil products, 950 tons of vegetable oil, 208 tons of butter, 400,000 tons of sugar and 3.5 million tons of potatoes. Financial losses of Ukraine amounted to 42% of the total loss of the Soviet Union. Brutal Nazi occupation regime aimed at transforming our country into a breadbasket and a raw material appendage of Germany.
  Despite heavy losses, Ukraine has made an enormous contribution to the common struggle against Nazi Germany. There were many Ukrainians among higher officers of the Soviet army, who commanded armies. 2,072 of our compatriots were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title. Among 115 of double Heroes of the Soviet Union 32 were Ukrainians. Out of 7 million orders and medals awarded for heroic feats 2.5 million were received by Ukrainians.

And now back to our time :)
  In honor of the Victory Day a charity event for our elderly people took place on May 8th. Many of these people survived the post-war starvation, and some survived the hunger of 1933 as well. They remembered what it’s like for all their lives, so they appreciate every piece of bread.
 Today we had new volunteers: Julia and Alexander Salivon as well as VasilyKornienko. An interesting story happened with Julia and Alexander. Sasha found 1000 hryvnias on the street. The amount is tempting. You can buy something essential so to say :). After consulting with his wife Julia, he decided to feed the elderly people! With this money we managed to buy and serve as much as 230 loaves of bread! Many thanks to Julia and Sasha! Other treats (buckwheat porridge and juice) were served thanks to Eco Buffet visitors. Because of their donations, the poor people get not only a full stomach and the satisfaction of a tasty meal, but also an understanding that someone cares about them. This is the way to achieve harmony in society and peace at heart.

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