не ешьте это



             Don't eat it!

    In February 2010 the authorities (much more likely the authorities of Russia (the editor's note)) canceled the mandatory certification of food products on the ground of its uselessness. Now the increase of percentage of harmful products is culminating. In this article we have shown all products dangerous for health that are forbidden for use!


Sodium glutamate E-621.
You must not eat the food products with food additive Е-326 (sodium glutamate). Read package of goods in store when you take it. When there is specified sodium glutamate don't take it! Sodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer. Now it is added to unexpected products to get the masses hooked on these products. Be careful!

Artificial sweeteners. All artificial sweeteners have strong cholagogic effect. Artificial sweeteners can aggravate the course of bile ducts deceases. Hardly anybody takes seriously sugar substitutes in carbonated water and as consequence a prostatic gland pays for water "without calories".

Acesulfame — Е950 also known as Sweet One. In 1974 health professionals recognized it as subtle poison and the substance able to accelerate the malignant deceases progression.

Asparteme — Е951.
Trade names: sweetly, slastilin, sukrazit, nutrisweet. Chemical instability of aspartame was discovered in 1985: it splits into formaldehyde (carcinogenic agent of category A), methanol and phenylalanine at the temperature of 30 ° C.

Cyclamate — Е952 (Zukli).
It is forbiden in USA, France, the United Kingdom and other countries since 1969 because of the suspicion that this sweetener induces renal impairment. It used to be the most popular agent in the countries of the former UUSR because of its low price.

Xylitol — Е967 — food additive that is sweet polyalcohol. Xylitol may be found in small amounts in different fruits and plants. After processing xylitol gets the form of crystals of white color without smell. According to some findings it can induce bladder cancer.

Sorbite — Е420.
In large dosage (over 30 gram per one administration) it induces stomach upset.


Trans fats. Trans fats present the specific type of unsaturated fats generated by artificial means.
Liquid vegetable oils after hydrogenization turn to vegetable butter such as margarines and cooking fats. Hydrogenated fats have deformed molecular structure not typical for natural compounds. Being embedded into the cells of our body trans fats interrupt cell metabolism. Hydrogenated fats prevent adequate nutrition of the cells and support toxins containment inducing deceases. In no case you mustn't eat butter of 72.5% fatness. This trans fat is a vegetable oil of low grade broken down by hydrogen. There is no fatness of butter lower 82.5%. Eat vegetable oil when you cannot find the butter of the proper fatness. It is more healthy to eat two spoons of natural butter than the whole pack or kilogram of trans fats. Product containing trans fats induce impairment in ability to resist stresses and increase the risk of depression. The products containing trans fats are margarine; salvy butters, mix of butter and vegetable oils, purified oil; mayo; ketchup; fast food — French fries and other meals cooked with hydrogenated fats; confectionery products — tarts, cakes, cookies, crackers, etc. cooked with cooking fats, snacks – chips, popcorn and etc., cook-chill food.


Intentionally genetically engineered products.
Crab sticks. (Crab extraction mixed with soy, belying its name crab sticks don't contain any meat of crab, and since 1993 manufacturers were legally obliged to label it as "flavored crab sticks ").
Cacao. Peanut. The transplantation of Petunia gene is applied. It is very toxic substance. Even insects don't eat peanuts. Imported potatoes. Green pea (canned).

Canned corn. Corn curls and flakes with sugar. When you buy corn flakes or curls they must be NOT sweet because sugar shouldn't be used in production of these meals. Sugar burns at temperature of 140 degrees. Therefore artificial sweeteners are applied and in this case this is cyclamate.

Porridges and grains with coloring agents identical to natural ones.
These are chemical substances with smell, they provide taste of pear, strawberry, banana and etc. But here is nothing about natural products.

Hard candies. Berberis. Now so strong chemical extract is applied for its manufacture that when you leave a wet candy on a tablecloth it burns a hole and lake. In fact it destroys even plastic material. Imagine what happens to your stomach.

Spread. Fruit jellies. All-powerfull oxidizing agents. You never will be able to keep cherry in its state of nature. Modern marmalade doesn't have anything common with the marmalade produced in the time of USSR. Today we can see just miracles of chemical industry.



Instant foods: two-minute noodles, instant soups, mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes, instant juices like "Yuppie" and "Zuko". It contains only chemical agents harmful for health.

Milk products of extended storage period (over 2 months). Everything that may be kept longer than 2 weeks is not allowed for use. Aseptic package means a package with antibiotic.

Water-melons. If it turned out all right 10 times, 11th might not be as lucky. A water-melon is fertilized with so strong agents that it can intoxicate you.

Paprika (off season) is absolutely genetically modified product.

Packed cupcakes. Roulades. They don't get hard, spoiled or dried. Nothing happens to them. They can be kept for a month and after that they stay the same.

Candies of 90% chocolate is not a chocolate at all (colorants and substitutes).
Chocolate bars present huge amount of calories combined with chemical additives, genetically modified product, colorants and flavoring. The combination of great amount of sugar and different chemical additives provides the highest energy value and desire to eat it time and again.

Foreign teas, flavored teas and many teas of home manufacture. Drink genuine tea without pieces of other products and additional taste. All flavored teas contain citric acid or other acids. The addiction arises immediately. We have to get out all acids from our bodies.

Purified deodorized oil seed oil. This oil mustn't be used in raw state in salads. The oil produced by manufacturing factories is initially not for table. These oils are not useful for the digestive system, they slowdown its work blocking all digestive processes with fat substance.

Sweet carbonated drinks. Sweet carbonated drink present mixture of sugar, chemical agents and gases used for quick spreading of harmful substances in the body. Coca-cola, for instance, is the best rust and calc-sinter preventive. Think well before to get it into your stomach. Besides, these sweet carbonated drinks are harmful because of high sugar concentration – about four-five tea-spoons are dissolved in glass of water. Therefore, it is no wonder that allaying thirst with such soda you want to drink again in five minutes.


Juices in packs. It is not about natural juices at all. There are NO available natural juices in packs. STOP! Stop giving it to children! They contain chemical agents only.

Strawberry in winter. It is absolutely useless. It doesn't have any vitamins.

We recommend you to refuse completely the products given in this illustrative list! But you make the decision if there is sense to do it or not! Remember that not only your wellness or activity, but your life depends on your choice! Your life and the life of your children!

Source: http://vsenablago.ru/articles/ne-eshte-eto/