Международный день защиты детей

International Children's Day

A holiday for 167 orphans from Kiev and Zhitomir region

   May 31 - June 1, 2013

  In 2013, the "Food for Life" foundation with great joy participated in two events dedicated to this wonderful holiday:

  • "Warmed by Love" festival, which was held in the concert hall of Darnytsya district state administration in Kyiv. The festival was dedicated to the care for 150 children from family-type orphanages and foster families.
  • A holiday for 17 orphans from Poteevskaya boarding school in Zhytomyr region.

Head of Kyiv city state administration Aleksandr Popov, Head of Darnytsya district administration in Kiev Sergey Witkowsky and other representatives of state structures were invited to attend the "Warmed by love" festival.

Charitable foundation "Food for Life" took part in the preparation and distribution of delicious holiday kits for 167 orphans.

подарки детям



Exhibition of family-type orphanages’ photographs.

детские дома

Children's performance.

Праздник для детей

выступления детей

праздник для детей

Head of the non-government organization «Sports and fitness center Svetoch for disabled children’s rehabilitation» - Igor Osadchiy


Awarding a gratitude to the "Food for Life" foundation for participation in helping orphans.


Nicolay Sakhno - president of the "Food for Life" Foundation

Николай Сахно

Праздник для детей


And this gratitude was sent to us by e-mail.