День Независимости 2014

Independence day

Charity event for 250 veterans, invalids and pensioners

            August 24, 2014

  There is a war in eastern Ukraine. People die. Many are not able to move from those dangerous regions to more peaceful places. The economy is not in the best condition. At this time, it's not so easy for people to survive, much less to share what you have with others. Nevertheless, we can see that there are people who are able to take care of those in need! Today, "MegaMarket" company paid for the event for 250 people.

  We started with giving charity dinners in the nursing home at 3, Izhakevich Street.

День независимости 2014

Дом престарелых

благотворительность в Киеве

Further distribution of meals continued near territorial center of social assistance (Kyiv, 32, Bestuzheva Street)

help orphans


благотворительность в Украине

вафли Артек

 Олеся Юрчук

hilanthropy in Ukraine

помощь ближнему

 День независимости 2014

День независимости 2014

натуральная косметика

приятный подарок

благотворительность в Киеве


Пища жизни Киев

Харе Кришна Пища жизни

Харе Кришна Пища жизни