Помощь беженцам из Украины

Helping refugees in Eastern Ukraine

"Food for Life" volunteers feed refugees

         2nd of August, 2014

   "If today a young man would ask me how to save a soul, I would respond to him: take care about a neighbor! Every soul that does not take care about anything but itself is either dead or on the verge of death."

(Saint Nikolai Velimirovich)

  For Food for life volunteers from Pavlograd August 2nd began at 4 am. It was at that time when they started to prepare food for refugees. Volunteers were able to distribute 250 meals for the hungry people in Krasnoarmeysk, Dimitrov (Donetsk region) and Pavlograd with the support of Kyiv "Food for life" foundation.
Refugees live in tent camps, clinics and boarding schools. People lack essential — water.
Except food, volunteers also brought 100 liters of spring water.


An interview with volunteer Dmitriy Zinchenko for a "Samara" radio (in ukrainian and russian).


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благотворительность в Украине

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Food for life

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 hilanthropy in Ukraine

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помощь детям

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Помощь беженцам


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